Drive Your Sales Growth!

Drive Your Sales Growth!

Do you look forward to your reviewing your sales forecasts? Are you getting a complete return on your Business Development Investment? Is your Business Development team openly communicating information on competitors, technologies, and new ideas? We believe there is no better time to take charge of your sales and marketing processes than right now.

A comprehensive sales and marketing strategy will prioritize objectives, maximize the positive, deal with the negative, and ensure that everyone is working hard to play their part in the success of the company. Every company is unique. Edge Consulting and Sales designs custom strategies to maximize the talents and capabilities of your firm in order to get your company pointed in the right direction.

Taking phenomenal care of your existing customers is a great first step. Satisfied customers will return for
new business and send in new referrals. But it can be easier said than done. Edge returns all calls on the same day and treats every customer with respect. We believe in timely disclosure of information to both principals and end customers.

We encourage a supportive environment to foster new ideas and innovative methods to break out of the “this is the way that we have always done business” dogma that can limit growth and lower morale.

Tracking progress is critical to virtually all business processes and sales and marketing is no different. Our weekly territory report includes accurate forecasts tied to your id system, meeting notes, top customer actions, competitive information, and customer service issues. This information is shared with the principal on a weekly basis. Streamlined communication allows your Sales team to spend their time booking orders and finding new customers.

We treat principals, end customers, and business partners ethically and work best with companies that strive for a similar environment. Our success comes from surrounding ourselves with dynamic companies and talented employees.