Thank you for considering Edge Consulting and Sales. Edge Consulting specializes in telemetry and data acquisition systems. We are telemetry experts, dedicated to making the selection and integration of individual components and related instrumentation easier for our customers. Our continued success is credited to our drive, eagerness to learn, educational backgrounds, and pre and post sales support.


Apogee Labs

Apogee Labs specializes in telemetry units applicable to Data Acquisition, Data Transport, Switching, Testing, and Signal Interfaces. Products include multiplexers, demultiplexers, encoders, digital matrix switches, data link and BER testing units, signal converters, and interface units.


Thermacore specializes in the custom design, development and manufacturing of highly engineered thermal management systems and components for a variety of markets that include Military and Aerospace.

KPP-Kaman Sensors

KAMAN Aerospace is the World’s Leader in High-Performance Noncontact Position Sensors. Based on eddy current measurements, Kaman sensors are capable of stable and repeatable sub-nanometer resolution, and can operate in the most extreme temperature and pressure environments. Kaman has been in business for over 40 years and offers both off the shelf and custom solutions.

RLC Electronics

RLC Electronics provide state of the Art Coaxial Switches, DC to 40 GHz. RF and Microwave Filters, Coaxial, Cavity, Micro-miniature, Low Pass, High Pass and Band Pass. Precision Attenuators, Fixed and Programmable.

Allegheny Performance Plastics

Allegheny is a pioneer in injection molding and manufacturing high temperature, high performance thermoplastics. Our superior knowledge of high and ultra-high performance polymers (including PEEK, Torlon®, Ultem®, Aurum®) and we have the ability to match the correct polymer with the appropriate application.

AvGen Aerospace

AvGen Aerospace is an FAA/EASA Part 145 Repair Station located in Miami, FL. We are a minority owned small business specialized in galley components, electrical harnesses and electro-mechanical units for commercial, cargo, & military aircraft.


Mu-Del specializes in manufacturing state-of-the-art RF and Microwave products for Intelligence Collection, Detection and Analysis, as well as Telecommunication, Satellite Communication and Radar Signal Processing Systems. Mu-Del products are designed to operate in the frequency range of DC – 40.0 GHz.

Jewell Instruments

Jewell Instruments is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of acceleration and tilt sensors. We provide custom solutions for a diverse group of industries, including aerospace, medical, industrial, rail transportation, telecommunications and many more. Our experienced engineering team works with customers to produce high quality, reliable products that meet or exceed all customer requirements.

Core Systems

Core Systems‘ industry leading solutions include rugged industrial computers, rackmount LCD’s, small form factor (SFF) embedded computer systems and complete custom designed systems and displays. We have mission critical systems deployed all around the world in the most severe of environments.

Space Angels

Space Angels Network is the premier source of aerospace investors and of early-stage capital for aerospace-related ventures across a wide spectrum of technologies, markets, and industries. We are a professionally managed national network of investors focused on aerospace-related opportunities.